Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Hugo Race

1. Which book are you currently reading?
Keepers of the Garden" by Dolores Cannon

2. Do you smoke?
Sometimes, but only quality

3. What was the latest time you got angry?
Locked in traffic

4. What was the latest time you laughed until you cried?
With roberto from Lo.Mo

5. Was there a movie where you could not bear to see the end?
Last film I walked out of was 'The Reader', made me nauseous

6. What character would you liked to have played?
Lawrence of Arabia

7. "Law & Order", "Special Victim Unit" or "Criminal Intent"?
None of these

8. Who do you currently have a crush on?
I can't say in a public forum. Tant pis!

9. What's the best moment of your day?
Early morning

10. What album of yours do you think is your best?
'Between Hemispheres' my new solo album coming in October this year!

Melbourne-born multi-instrumentalist, producer, performer and songwriter. Former member of Nick Cave's Bad Seeds and The Wreckery. Went solo in 1989 and released tons of beautiful records.

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